"The entertainment industry is vast and is a reflection of the society we live in."

- Karrine Steffans -

The Garfield Movie 2024 – The Animation Movie Featuring Chris Pratt as Garfield

abandoned kittebThe Garfield Movie released for theatre viewing last May 22,2024, was generally received by early movie audiences as a fun and heart-warming animation of the famous comic strip character Garfield (Chris Pratt). Many call it a clever film as it captured creator Jim Davis’ humor, being the core of his comic strip legacy.

Prologue Brings Touching Flashback Scenes of Garfield’s Dark Moments as a Kitten

There are some frightening images of flashback scenes depicting Garfield’s past as a kitten abandoned by his father (Samuel Jackson) in a dark alley. Nevertheless, the film is still considered suitable for all ages. The prologue’s touchy theme provides the background on how young Garfield made his way into Jon’s life, who was eating at a nearby Italian restaurant.

Jon (Nicholas Hoult) took pity on the forlorn-looking kitten that he allowed it to devour his entire pizza and to subsequently take in the kitten as his roommate whilst naming it Garfield.

The film moves forward with action-packed scenes showing Garfield being snatched away from his pampered lifestyle. Although Garfield held a deep resentment for his alley-cat father Vic, his catnappers forced him to carry out a heist to help Vic get out of his present predicament.

Director Mark Dindal Only Had Chris Pratt in Mind as Voice Actor for Garfield

Director Mark Dindal, a famed animation film maker, has been working on the movie for years. Since its inception, Dindal already had Chris Pratt in mind as the actor who will give voice to his Garfield animation character. Jim Davis gave his hundred percent approval, rating Chris Pratt a 10 out of 10 choice as voice actor for Garfield.

Chris Pratt is no stranger to voicing animation characters, with the American actor having recently portrayed the famous Italian plumber Mario in the highly successful 2023 movie, The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Tom Cruise’s MI7, Crossed Paths with “Barbie”, an Unlikely but Powerful Competitor

Times have indeed changed because “Barbie” the “girl movie” and “Oppenheimer” the war film had beat at the tills, the seventh Mission Impossible installment. MI 7 – Dead Reckoning Part 1 had grossed only $15.5 million on opening day, which was an unprecedented outcome. The tables had turned in favor of “Barbie,” as the movie raked in $70.8 million on opening day alone. At the end of the second week, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” combined had already hit the one billion dollar mark.

Even if “Oppenheimer” took in only $10.5 million at the theaters on opening day, the movie was able to make the one billion dollar mark by the 2nd week.

Unexpectedly, Mission Impossible 7’s 2nd week Box Office showing was pegged at a total of $139.23 million, which barely reached the movie’s $290 million budget; to at least hit a break-even outcome.

Why Did Mission Impossible 7 – Dead Reckoning Didn’t Do Well?

Here’s the thing, first day moviegoers can make or break a movie’s first weekend performance. Those who plan to watch a movie during the weekend will read reviews and take word-of-mouth advice into consideration. Apparently, MI7 garnered very little support from the first week audience because the Tom Cruise film was not showing signs of picking up in the succeeding weeks, both locally and internationally.

Saving the World Again from a Powerful Al Enemy

Perhaps moviegoers have seen and watched more than enough of real world violence, pandemic outbreaks and train destructions. Seeing Ethan Hawk and his team do some impossible stunts to prevent bad things from happening, already has a fantasy-like appeal.

Barbie on the other hand is a fantasy film from the very start, in which Barbara had the chance to live her life in a creative imaginary world. At the end of the movie, she decided to return to her human form and human world. The plot alone sounds fun and appealing because many can relate to the storyline.

“Jurassic World: Dominion” – Conclusion of the Jurassic Trilogy

“Jurassic World: Dominion” touted as the conclusion of the Jurassic World trilogy, the story carries on as the aftermath of the 2018 “Jurassic: Fallen Kingdom.” The circumstances take place four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar, in which humans have no choice but to co-exist with the dinosaurs. The plot woven by Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly apparently didn’t sit well with critics, as it only demonstrated how the Jurassic film franchise has already run its course.

The return of the three main characters of the 1993 original Jurassic Park, namely Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil) and Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) did’t help make the plot less incredulous than it is. Still, the critics’ overall negative score is deemed as the lowest of all Jurassic films, audience ratings were high if this Universal movie is to be judged for its entertainment value.

The storytelling aspect was good enough, and the fight scenes were exceptional but not all are sterling. The background music was excellent especially in some of the more emotional scenes.

“Jurassic World: Dominion” Plot

As all Jurassic plots go, an unscrupulous company has taken interest in getting hold of the dinosaurs and learning about the cloning technology developed by Sir Benjamin Lockwood. This time a genomic research company called Biosyn, is using the dinosaurs in conducting research and experiments to come up with groundbreaking medical solutions and applications.

It so happens that former Jurassic World employees Owen Grady played by Chris Pratt and Claire Dearing played by Bryce Dallas Howard are working for an organization known as the Dinosaur Protection Group.

The two are also protecting Maisie Lockwood, the cloned granddaughter of Sir Benjamin Lockwood. To make the storyline more interesting, Blue, Owen’s trained velociraptor gave birth to an offspring. Since Biosyn came to learn about Maisie’s and Blue’s existence, the two were spirited away to some remote location in italy. What transpires and how the events transpire during the 2 and a half hours run time is for the audience to see.


CODA Snags 4 Major Oscar Awards – Will The Awards Yield the ROI for Apple

CODA won the 94th Oscar Academy Award’s coveted major recognitions for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay (Siân Heder) and Best Supporting Actor (Troy Kotsur). Although Apple beat Netflix in making history as the first streaming network to have won awards for a franchised movie, Apple’s involvement in CODA cannot be likened to how Netflix manages its original movies.

As it is, Apple made a move to buy the rights to CODA after the movie won four awards in the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Apple reportedly paid $25 million to acquire the streaming rights to the movie after CODA got the Grand Jury Prize, the audience award, the directing award and the special jury award for the cast ensemble. Subsequently, CODA also made record as the first major Sundance winner to win an Oscar for best movie.

What Makes CODA’s Oscar Win Important for Apple?

CODA’s Oscar Best Picture win has already brought favorable results for Apple, as reports have it that since the Oscar wins, the movie immediately drew in a 25% increase in viewership at Apple TV Plus. The increase pushed by as much as 300%, the number of audience who viewed the movie via Apple’s streaming services.

Critics though question the greatness of the numbers as the figures depended on the numbers posted by Apple TV Plus prior to CODA’s Oscar win.

The greater question that Apple critics are asking is if the results are worth the $25 million investment after the movie gained considerable entertainment value as a multi-awarded entry in the Sundance Film Festival. As opposed to Netflix’s deeper involvement from point of selection, to the development and adaptation of the movie as a Netflix feature, up to their promotion as a Netflix offering.

About CODA The Movie and Why it Deserves to Win the Oscar Bet Picture

CODA in the complex and intricate world of people with hearing disabilities is the term used to refer to children with unimpaired hearing, albeit born to deaf parents. The movie tells the story of Ruby, played by Emilia Jones. Ruby is a shy 17-year old who is the Coda to the family of hardworking deaf couples Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur.

Ruby’s struggle is not just the pressures of being the family’s bridge and spokesperson for her family in the hearing world. The movie also shows her inner struggles of wishing to fulfill her childhood ambition of becoming a singer, which her family might find hard to understand and accept.

Red Notice: A Movie High in Entertainment Value it’s Definitely Worth Watching

Netflix’s Red Notice starring Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride filled with adrenaline-pumping twist and turns. Regarded as the streaming platform’s most expensive films to date, it offers unexpected but fast-paced scenes that leave the audience captivated .

The genuine camaraderie between Johnson and Reynolds is one of the selling points the movie, which gives movie watchers a feeling of light-heartedness. On of that aspect, Gadot’s elegance in performing her stunts makes her appearances the most awaited scenes as they are quite enchanting.

The energy of the trio is what completes the film as a high value form of entertainment regardless of whatever loopholes critics find in the plot.

Red Notice Plot

This action-adventure comedy was created by writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber, which revolves around Cleopatra’s priceless bejeweled eggs. Ryan Reynolds who plays Nolan Booth is known for being the second-best art thief with Bishop, played by Gal Gadot as the top ranking thief.

At first, Bishop partnered with FBI special agent John Heartly (Dwayne Johnson) in catching Booth before the latter gets to steal Cleopatra’s second egg from the museum. However, since honor among thieves can be questionable Bishop’s motive in helping Heartly is to make sure that she keeps her spot at the top would not hold water. As a result, Heartly ended up teaming with Booth when he gets framed from his own investigation.

Is the Movie Worth Watching?

Action movie lovers would definitely love Red Notice and would definitely vouch for it as worth watching. Some cinephiles would beg to differ mentioning that everything, except for the stunts and Gal Gadot’s beauty are subpar. Particular mentions were made on how the plot’s twists and storyline was predictable, as it took inspirations from Ocean’s Eleven, Mission Impossible, and a bit from Money Heist.

Disney and TCS Hit Pay Dirt with Ryan Reynolds Starrer “Free Guy”

Apprehensions over the release of “Free Guy” amidst the increasing spread of the Delta variant was assuaged after the movie’s Thursday’s night premier showing. The Ryan Reynolds starrer produced by Disney and Twentieth Century Studios (TCS) hit pay dirt with $2.2M in box office ticket sales from the premier alone.


More can be expected since the movies is set to honor a 45-day theatrical showing worldwide before it hits the Disney Plus Premier streaming channel.

When compared to “Jungle Cruise”, which Disney also released for premier viewing last Thursday, “Free Guy” was just a little short of the $2.7 million raked in by the Dwayne Johnson/Emily Blunt family-oriented movie. Actually, “Jungle Cruise” only has a one-day theater engagement as it immediately became available at the Disney Plus Premier channel.

Another point of comparison is with Ryan Reynolds’ pre-pandemic August release “Hitman’s Bodyguard” that Reynolds co-starred with Samuel Jackson, which scored $1.65 million on opening day.

About “Free Guy” the Movie

Directed by Shawn Levy, a Canadian writer and film director best known lately as the producer-director of the hit TV series “Stranger Things”, “Free Guy” is a sci-fi action comedy created by Matt Lieberman, who co-wrote the screenplay with Zak Penn.


The “Free Guy” plot is about a bank teller named Guy who came to discover that he was just a non-playable background character in an open-world video game called “Free City” The video game however is about to be shut down by game developers Millie (Jodie Comer) and Keys (Joe Keery) but thanks to Guy, he was able to breathe new life into it when decided to rewrite the game’s storyline by becoming the hero.

“Free Guy” viewers who have seen the movie have given it an Audience Rating of 95% at Rotten Tomatoes.

“I Care a Lot” Rosamund Pike’s Best Actress Golden Globe 2021 Win

One of Netflix’s most watched new original movies is “i Care Lot,” a Rosamund Pike starrer, for which she won then Golden Globe 2021 Best Actress Award.

It’s a riveting tale written and directed by J. Blakeson who was inspired by news that revealed the ugly truth about some of America’s nursing homes and guardianship system. The movie is a success, because to avoid the story from being too depressing, Blakeson added a twist by featuring an old lady with ruthless friends belonging to a covert mafia-like Russian organization.

Summary of “I Care a Lot” Plot

The plot revolves around a conwoman named Marla Grayson who exploits a society that looks to guardianship-as-a-service as a humane approach to providing great care to elderly people who can no longer care for themselves. Although not all are operated by Maria and her cohorts, some systems cater to vulnerable elderly folks who have no nearby children or family members who are actually interested in their real conditions while living under the control of care homes.

Marla operates in cohort with a doctor who does the selecting of a candidate the group calls “a cherry.” The doctor will make guardianship the best alternative for a person with financial means who’s not too fragile, but already showing signs of dementia. That way a judge will be able to issue a court order declaring the elderly no longer capable of taking care of herself and therefore needs someone to look after her, including her finances.

As soon as the judge signs the order, Marla steps in and presents herself to the elderly person as the court-appointed legal guardian; whilst immediately whisking her or him away to a private nursing home where elderly patients are supposed to be pampered and treated like royalty.

Just like in some real life cases, the contrary happens because its best that the elderly dies as soon as Marla is able to get hold of their patients’ finances. After all nearly demented senior is incapable of making the right decisions, for them to be able to live comfortably in a plush nursing home.

The twist to the real-life story happens when Marla meets her match in a nice old lady named Jennifer Peterson, played by actress Dianne Wiest. Although Jennifer is suffering from borderline dementia, she is still functional and active. Moreover, Jeniffer lives on her own, without a husband, children or any relative who would be interested if she lives longer or not. However, it turns out that she has powerful friends connected to a Russian mobster played by Peter Dinklage.

How the movie goes and ends is something viewers have to see for themselves. Some were disappointed that the movie still didn’t come up with potential solutions on how people living alone in their old age can be protected against unscrupulous people driven by greed like Marla. It simply warns people with aged parents in nursing homes to not be too trusting, which is something that everyone is already well aware of today.

Disney’s New Animation Adds a Southeast Asian to the Roster of Disney Princesses

Walt Disney Animation Studios recently released their latest film called “Raya and the Last Dragon,” touted as Disney’s first Southeast Asian representation. Raya, therefore, is the very first Disney princess of Southeast Asian descent, whilst joining the roster of princesses who do not have any love interest like Elsa and Moana.

Set in a fictional world known as Kumandra, dragons and humans coexist in harmony. When the country’s peaceful living conditions was threatened by an unseen evil force, the dragons of Kumandra had to sacrifice their race in order to save the lives of humans.

While it brings joy to many Asians and Asian-Americans to be properly represented, It’s also ironic that the Disney Plus Channel is not available in most Southeast Asian countries. Nonetheless, proponents say that the representation of Southeast Asians in Hollywood would not end there.

”Raya and The Last Dragon Plot Overview

The inspiration for the main storyline of this fantasy film was drawn from several instead of just one Southeast Asian country. Kumandra was prosperous and peaceful nation until a plague came upon the people 500 years earlier, which led to their division. Borders had been set in order to prevent the plague from infecting the people in their territories, as the evil force called Druun turned infected people into stone.

The plague almost threatened the existence of humans, if not for the dragons that poured all their magic in creating a dragon gem to drive the Druun back to its dark recesses. However, it also meant sacrificing the dragon race as only one dragon remained in existence.

Now that the evil force has returned the situation was different, where the new generation of Kumandrans are divided, all fighting for possession of the last remaining dragon and its magical power. While Raya tried to look for the last legendary dragon, she realized that it will take more than a a dragon gem to save the people of Kumandra, because after long years of their divided stance, they do not understand the value of teamwork or of trusting each other.

This Disney animation movie hits quite close to the present situation in which a pandemic has shattered nations; creating a world where stronger nations have made sure they will be the firsts to acquire the vaccines. While many were looking for someone to blame and to criticize, they also triggered acts of violence against Asians, particularly in the U.S.

Warner Ramps Up HBO Max Streaming Offers w/ Release of All 2021 Movies

Just a few weeks after announcing Wonder Woman 1984’s simultaneous screening via HBO Max and theaters on Christmas. Warner Bros. made another major announcement. All Warner movies scheduled for release in 2021, will follow the same release arrangement as that of Wonder Woman 1984 — same day launch in movie houses and by way of the HBO Max streaming platform.

This denotes that the showing of highly anticipated Warner Bros movies will no longer be cancelled once a release date has been announced, because movie fans can still watch them via HBO Max in 4K Ultra HD and HDR. This also means the AOL-Warner streaming platform can expect to win new subscribers in massive numbers, because getting to watch a major Warner movie will not be just a one-time Christmas treat.

In line with the new announcement, Warner also released a video highlighting the new same-day release arrangement by showing a lineup of 17 exciting movies for release in 2021; The Suicide Squad, Space Jam: A New Legacy, Godzilla vs. Kong, Tom & Jerry and Matrix 4, just to mention a few.

How will Warner Bros’ New Release Format Impact Theaters?

The new release format will have the movie hitting theaters and HBO Max on the date of scheduled release, and will be available for HBO Max viewing for a month.

After which, the field will be left open for theaters to exclusively cater to audiences where HBO Max is still not available or who haven’t subscribed yet; but only up to the official date of the movie’s home release engagement at HBO Max and availability in 4K DVD, Blu-ray. and Digital HD. It’s also worth noting that like with Wonder Woman 1984, all these movies will be available on HBO Max in 4K Ultra HD and HDR.

While theaters are hardly making any progress in light of the worsening pandemic health crisis, the announced theater release of Wonder Woman 1984 on December 16 can still be canceled. Theaters have no recourse once orders to shutdown will once stay-at-home orders will again be mandated in order to stop the continuing spread of the coronavirus disease.

While prior to the pandemic theater owners, including other movie moguls fought hard against Netflix’s scheme of having an original movie released for theater viewing just to meet the Academy Awards eligibility requirements; but only briefly as Netflix has to focus on releasing its original movies to its core market, the home viewers.

Today, theaters are confronted with the reality that it will take a long time before everything goes back to normal. Currently, theaters cannot afford to challenge Warner Media’s decision, as the battle for viewership is now between streaming networks.

Is Disney’s “Mulan” Jinxed for Theater Showing?

While Disney’s Mulan suffered from lack of traditional theaters, many who have seen the livestreamed remake are glad their disappointment did not cost them much. Although Disney was able to get theater bookings in other countries like China and South Korea, it seems there is some kind of jinx attached to the movies as far as theater release is concerned.



Mulan Theater Release in China and South Korea Suffers from Calls for Boycott


In China, where Mulan was shown in theaters, the release only heightened the negative reviews about the Disney movie. Not only was the live action remake criticized for not delivering quality actions scenes, amusing dialogues and funny antics that fans have grown to love about Disney films.

Where Mulan’s Chinese audience outside of China cited general lack of authenticity on how China’s history was depicted, the cause of uproar against Disney in China went beyond technicalities.

Many of China’s pro-democracy activists were indignant over Disney’s expression of special appreciation to Xinjiang state’s government organizations. Mainly because they made it possible for Disney to partly shoot some scenes in the region.

However, Chinese moviegoers are indignant over Disney’s disregard for the human rights issues hurled against the Xinjiang provincial government. As China has imposed a ban on other forms of religion, the Xinjiang government prosecuted millions of Uighur Muslims; notwithstanding that the Ulghurs are natives of the Xinjiang region.


Actually, the calls for Mulan’s boycott in China is on top of an earlier call by South Korean citizens to spurn the movie, just a month ahead of the theater screening. Mulan actress, Liu Yifei, created social media controversy when she made it known through her comment that she supports the Hong Kong police. To any reader, her post means she agrees with the violent manner by which HK police cracked down on HK protesters.

“Just Mercy” – The 2019 Movie that Depicts the Black Lives Matter Narrative

“Just Mercy” is a compelling true-to-life film written by civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson that could explain why millions support the ongoing protest rallies.


Since this Warner Bros. movie was released only in December 2019, the story and its message about systemic injustices against black Americans is still fresh in the minds of those who have seen the movie.

So much so that when videos went viral, showing how a white police officer killed George Floyd in broad daylight and in plain view of the public in downtown Minneapolis, the uproar came not only from black Americans but from all races and colors, including white Americans.

To date the cries for injustice over George Floyd’s death has turned into a global protest of how America’s justice system has very little regard for the lives of black citizens. Although many contend that not only Black Lives Matter (BLM), but All Lives Matter, the story of how Walter McMillan was unjustly arrested, tried, prosecuted and sentenced to death, explains the difference.

Jamie Foxx who portrayed Walter McMillan and Michael B Jordan who reprised Bryan Stevenson’s role, were immediately seen in Minneapolis during the early days of the now 3-week long BLM protest rallies.

Who is Walter McMillan and How Did He Suffer from America’s Systemic Injustices

Walter McMillan, was an African-American from Monroeville, Alabama, who was falsely accused of murdering a young woman, but was saved from a death sentence by civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson.

Stevenson together with his Equal Justice Initiative staff, led by Eva Ansley (Brie Larson), were able to gather evidence that the Monroe police force, under Monroe County Sheriff Tom Tate had arrested and incarcerated McMillan based on trumped-up charges.

It turned out that the main witness who testified that McMillan was the killer, was under investigation for crimes committed in another county, but was coerced by the Monroe police to falsely testify against McMillan. The trial lasted only a day and aa half, with the jury putting more weight on the suspected felon’s false testimony, over the statements of other black citizens who testified that at the time of the murder, McMillan was with them during a church fish-fry gathering.

The all-white jury pronounced Walter McMillan guilty and had sentenced him to life imprisonment. However, presiding Judge Robert E. Lee Key, decided to override the jury’s life sentence, which he commuted to death by electrocution.

Civil Rights Lawyer Stevenson Succeeded in Appealing for the Release of MacMillan

The crime and McMillan’s sentencing took place in 1986, while it was only in 1988 that civil rights attorney Stevenson and the EIJ had the opportunity to undertake legal actions in appealing McMillan’s case.

After six years of looking for evidence that supported McMillan’s innocence, the wrongfully convicted African American was set free in 1993. Based on the pieces of evidence that the EIJ had gathered, Atty. Stevenson was able to convince the Alabama Court of Appeals that McMillian was imprisoned and sentenced to death for a crime that he did not commit. .

After his release, Mcmillan actively participated in movements that aimed to educate African Americans about legal systems. His public appearances drew attention to other wrongful convictions, which resulted to the exoneration of more than a hundred fifty wrongfully accused black Americans.

Sadly, the trauma suffered by McMillan while in death row led to the development of dementia in the last two years of his life. In 2013, Walter Mcmillan passed away at age 71 years old. Sheriff Tate on the other hand, remained with the Monroe Police Force, up to his retirement in 2019.

“Just Mercy” is highly recommended to those who would like to have a clear understanding of the reforms being sought by the Black Lives Matter protesters throughout the country and in other parts of the globe.

“Contagion” Depicts Threats of Covid-19

“Contagion,” is a must watch 2011 movie in order to get a clear picture of the Covid-19 threats the world is currently facing. The medical action thriller shows how virus pandemic puts the entire world on edge. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the movie describes conditions that could trigger and worsen the effects of a fast-acting virus, which could lead to the loss of millions of lives.

Health Science Experts Laud Contagion’s Realistic Plot

Health science experts who have seen the movie laud it for its realistic plot. Rebecca Katz, Georgetown University’s Director of the Center for Global Health Science and Security, commented that

”The movie shows the interconnectedness between the environment, the animals and humans” … “showing how virus transfers and combines between animals and of how an emerging infectious disease can jump to humans.”

Later, with a mere handshake between the chef who prepared the infected pig and an American female guest, the latter becomes a new carrier of the virus. She spreads the undetected virulent organism everywhere she goes; whilst infecting everyone with whom she comes in contact.

Relevance of Other “Contagion” Narratives to What is Currently Happening

U.S. president Donald Trump tries to suppress panic felt not by the general public, but of the stock market investors who have been continuously selling off their stocks. Anxious that the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting weakening of the financial markets will hurt his chances of being re-elected, Trump tries to convince the American people that the coronavirus is under control and that a vaccine is underway.

In “Contagion” this was portrayed by local government officials who did not heed the warnings of the scientist sent out to investigate the mysterious virus. Their refusal to acknowledge the presence of a highly infectious virus in their midst, was tied to their reluctance to use resources in carrying out an emergency public health response.

The movie also explains why it takes a long time before a vaccine can be developed and tested as effective. The scientist who was able to identify a potential vaccine took the risk of inoculating herself, in order to reduce the time it takes to test the vaccine on consenting infected patients.

Fortunately, the scientist’s vaccine worked; but production time and methods of dispensing are also matters to consider.

Certain rules of order on who should first receive the treatment had to be observed. In the meantime, even as production of the vaccine was underway, the narratives indicated that the worldwide death toll continued to rise Since the outbreak was pandemic, the vaccine and its production cannot immediately reach all the millions infected by the virulent virus.

A New Universal Pictures Monster “The Invisible Man” is Coming to Scare You in 2020

Universal Pictures is forging on with its Dark Universe movies; this time pitching “The Invisible Man” as its next monster feature. Yet unlike the first Dark Universe offering two years ago, the action-adventure film “The Mummy” starring Tom Cruise, the 2020 “The Invisible Man” is more of a horror sci-fi thriller.

In this upcoming Dark Universe entertainment, the titular character is obsessed with a woman named Cecilia Kass. As a backgrounder, Cecilia was able to wrangle out of a violent relationship from a wealthy and at the same brilliant scientist. However she later became the target of some unseen force that seemed to be stalking and constantly watching her, right after her former partner and tormentor had committed suicide.

Award-winning actress Elisabeth Moss is Cecilia Kass, while her brilliant but oppressive scientist husband is played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen. The revealing part is that Oliver Jackson-Cohen also plays the title role as the malevolent invisible man. Obviously, this explains why Cecilia Kass is in his radar. The plot thickens, though, once his invisible-stalking and tormenting of Cecilia makes the latter look mentally unstable.

The movie therefore will likely be scaring moviegoers out of their wits once jackson-Cohen’s character transforms from a vicious controlling figure into a sinister invisible being; more capable of committing horrific acts under the cloak of his invisibility. One noteworthy scary scene shows Cecilia looking vulnerably naked in the shower, while a handprint on the glass partition will indicate that something invisible is watching her.

About the Original Invisible Man and How He Came to Be So

The idea of an invisible character was first conceptualized by H.G. Wells in a science fiction novel with the same title. Wells narrated a creepy story about a scientist who immersed himself in the study of optics so he could devise a way to change the refractive index of a body to that of air; preventing light absorption and reflection is said to be a way of making a particular body invisible.

“The Invisible Man” of the Dark Universe is an adaptation of this H.G. Wells character, and a reboot of a 1933 movie with the same title. Universal Pictures will release the new monster film for screening in U.S. theaters on February 28, 2020.

Migrant Children Gets Financial Support from Hollywood A-List Couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) for its Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Right through its Defense and Education Fund (LDF), has received a $2 million pledge of financial support from Hollywood A-List couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. The entertainment couple’s donation will help the LDF in providing the much needed legal support for children of immigrants, as part of the social justice initiatives of the non-profit NAACP.

According to a press release statement given by the couple last Wednesday (September. 4, 2019), the celebrity couple explained that they want to help non-profit organizations in “defending the rights and best interests of immigrant children.”


The heartfelt reading of the statement mirrored Ryan and Blake’s desire to do everything possible in fostering more empathy and compassion throughout the world. The statement also explained why the Reynolds couple chose NAACP, reading

“We are blown away by the commitment of NAACP’s Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the Young Center, not only in fighting for democracy and justice, but also humanity”


Ryan Reynolds, Well-Known for Philanthropic Deeds

Ryan and Blake concluded the statement by saying that they are grateful in giving back, through organizations that give voice to many. Actually, the NAACP is not the first non-profit organization that received financial support from the celebrity couple.

Even before the “Deadpool” movie cemented Ryan Reynolds’ A-list status in Hollywood, the actor has been a constant supporter of non-profit organizations, such as the Michael J. Fox Foundation.and the F–k Cancer Foundation.



He currently sits on the board of directors for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, continuing to advocate and support research work into Parkinson’s disease, as a way of honoring his father’s (James Reynolds’) long battle with the illness.

Spider-Man: Far from Home – Literally a Breathtaking Movie; Both Thumbs Up!

Spider-Man: Far from Home officially hit the silver screens for general viewing last July 02, 2019, and it appears not a single viewer went home disappointed. So far, everybody seems to agree that by far, it is the best Spider-Man movie ever. Its performance at the tills during the first week is proof enough that it is a superhero movie worth watching. Many are predicting it will outperform 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, and even the highest-grossing Spider-Man franchise, the 2007’s Spider-Man 3.

Never mind if the prediction does not come true. What is important for moviegoers, particularly those not really into superhero flicks, is that word-of-mouth about the movie being good, is for real. Here are some of the reasons why:

Lots of Breathtaking Action Scenes Made to Look so Convincingly Real

The action scenes are so intense that those viewing the movie in 3D, will almost have the urge to get up and go; lest they get caught up in all the mayhem and destruction. Well, that is actually the problem when superheroes and supervillains meet because the innocents and incidentals are the ones who get hurt. Oops, getting carried away,.. Nearly forgot, they were all special effects and CGI .

Lots of Humor and Amusing Scenes

The humor factor is one trait that fans love about Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) superhero entertainment. No need to get into details here, because it will only spoil the fun; but expect a lot from the supporting cast especially among those included in Peter Parker’s Europe field trip. Some nice surprises will definitely lighten and brighten up the mood, after going through Spider-Man’s brooding scenes over the death of Tony Stark.

Superb Acting Skills from Both Main and Supporting Actors

Spider-Man: Far from Home is Tom Holland’s fifth vehicle as MCU’s Spider-Man/Peter Parker, for which he has consistently demonstrated being the best actor to play the dual roles. Considering that he is already in his 20s, Holland can still get away with his projections of a high school youth, who experiences difficulty in combining moral and social obligations with the responsibilities of a superhero. Holland looks so natural and normal with his acting, he does not make grief and emotional struggles too agonizing to watch.

There is great chemistry between Holland and Zendaya, so it is okay for the movie to play up their romance a little bit. The nice thing about the romantic angle is that gives Zendaya better purpose for being in the movie. Her MJ is gutsy, not the usual “damsel-in-distress” who Spidey agonizes over, while locked in the heat of a battle with the more important super villains.

Jake Gyllenhaal,is definitely the right actor to play Mysterio as he looks every inch a superhero. He does justice to his Quentin Beck role by fooling not just S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Nick Fury; but also most of the audience who did not hear through the grapevine that Gyllenhall is set to play an anti-hero role. After all, it is part of Gyllenhaal’s acting prowess, combining intensity in his hero role-play with a pathetic underdog aura, leaving it to viewers to decide whether to side with him or not.

The movie ends leaving everyone satisfied but should be reminded not to get up from their seat just yet. There are must-see middle and end credits to watch, just so they know MCU has more plans in store.

Game of Thrones Final Characters Got What They Wished For, Except Daenerys

Game of Thrones (GoT) finally came to a conclusion, leaving fans with mixed reactions on whether they should be entertained or not with the outcome. Every remaining lead and supporting character ended up lucky, getting their heart’s desire in the aftermath of the King;s Landing siege. Except for Daenerys, whose character was bound to end as a Mad Queen.

Clarke’s Daenerys Character Got the Bad End of the Deal

Unfortunately for fans of Daenerys, their beloved Silver Queen experienced the worst kind of betrayal; at the hands of Jon, for whom she sacrificed 2 of her dragons, thousands of her Dothraki warriors and her ever faithful companion and protector, Ser Joras.

Most of all, Emilia Clarke’s character suffered betrayal at the hands of GoT writers.

Although the original storyline had her transforming from a fair and just ruler, into becoming a vengeful Mad Queen, not enough scenes transpired during the last few episodes to suggest just that. It’s as if writers presumed every GoT viewer knew that Daenerys was to become a Mad Queen, excusing them from the task of having to build up that aspect before sending her Mad Queen character out on a killing rampage.In fact at the very end, she appeared sane.

Dany. as Jon lovingly called his queen, carried on with grace; thanking the Unsullied and the Dothraki warriors for their bravery and loyalty. She even tried to convince Jon to see things her way. As it was, it appeared that she was manipulated into helping other characters get what they wanted.

How Characters Fared After Cersei’s Fall

Brandon Stark a.k.a. Bram the Broken

The Game of Thrones and all that happened was apparently orchestrated by Bram the Broken, or the 3-Eyed Raven persona who took over Bram’s being. When asked by Tyrion if he was willing to wear the crown by becoming the ruler of the Six Kingdoms, Bram replied, “Why do you think I came all this way?” Since the 3-Eyed Raven knew everything, past, present and future, it appeared he planned everything all along.

Later, Bram even told Jon that Jon, was “exactly where he was supposed to be.”

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion also landed a good deal, as Bram appointed him to be the King’s Right Hand. It has always been Tyrion’s frustration that his words and wisdom were ignored by the Lannister family, but not under Daenarys rule. Since Tyrion made it possible for Bram to become the King, Bram in return, made Tyrion the Right Hand of the King.

Jon Snow

Jon did not become king; but still got most of what he wanted. He was banished and sent to the Night Watch, yet this gave him a chance to live freely with the free folk. In a way, Jon had always wanted to live a life that was not complicated by the whims of rulers, while interacting with people willing to listen to reason.

Other Characters

Sansa, got her lifelong wish and became Queen of the North. Arya got to travel to wherever she wanted aboard her own ship. Bronn of the Blackwater became a wealthy man and was designated as Master of Coin. Sam Turley became Grandmaester despite his previous troubles with the Citadel. Sir Davos landed an important job as Master of Ships, which is the same with Ser Brienne who assumed post as Master of Guards.

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