A New Universal Pictures Monster “The Invisible Man” is Coming to Scare You in 2020

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A New Universal Pictures Monster “The Invisible Man” is Coming to Scare You in 2020

Universal Pictures is forging on with its Dark Universe movies; this time pitching “The Invisible Man” as its next monster feature. Yet unlike the first Dark Universe offering two years ago, the action-adventure film “The Mummy” starring Tom Cruise, the 2020 “The Invisible Man” is more of a horror sci-fi thriller.

In this upcoming Dark Universe entertainment, the titular character is obsessed with a woman named Cecilia Kass. As a backgrounder, Cecilia was able to wrangle out of a violent relationship from a wealthy and at the same brilliant scientist. However she later became the target of some unseen force that seemed to be stalking and constantly watching her, right after her former partner and tormentor had committed suicide.

Award-winning actress Elisabeth Moss is Cecilia Kass, while her brilliant but oppressive scientist husband is played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen. The revealing part is that Oliver Jackson-Cohen also plays the title role as the malevolent invisible man. Obviously, this explains why Cecilia Kass is in his radar. The plot thickens, though, once his invisible-stalking and tormenting of Cecilia makes the latter look mentally unstable.

The movie therefore will likely be scaring moviegoers out of their wits once jackson-Cohen’s character transforms from a vicious controlling figure into a sinister invisible being; more capable of committing horrific acts under the cloak of his invisibility. One noteworthy scary scene shows Cecilia looking vulnerably naked in the shower, while a handprint on the glass partition will indicate that something invisible is watching her.

About the Original Invisible Man and How He Came to Be So

The idea of an invisible character was first conceptualized by H.G. Wells in a science fiction novel with the same title. Wells narrated a creepy story about a scientist who immersed himself in the study of optics so he could devise a way to change the refractive index of a body to that of air; preventing light absorption and reflection is said to be a way of making a particular body invisible.

“The Invisible Man” of the Dark Universe is an adaptation of this H.G. Wells character, and a reboot of a 1933 movie with the same title. Universal Pictures will release the new monster film for screening in U.S. theaters on February 28, 2020.