The Garfield Movie 2024 – The Animation Movie Featuring Chris Pratt as Garfield

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The Garfield Movie 2024 – The Animation Movie Featuring Chris Pratt as Garfield

abandoned kittebThe Garfield Movie released for theatre viewing last May 22,2024, was generally received by early movie audiences as a fun and heart-warming animation of the famous comic strip character Garfield (Chris Pratt). Many call it a clever film as it captured creator Jim Davis’ humor, being the core of his comic strip legacy.

Prologue Brings Touching Flashback Scenes of Garfield’s Dark Moments as a Kitten

There are some frightening images of flashback scenes depicting Garfield’s past as a kitten abandoned by his father (Samuel Jackson) in a dark alley. Nevertheless, the film is still considered suitable for all ages. The prologue’s touchy theme provides the background on how young Garfield made his way into Jon’s life, who was eating at a nearby Italian restaurant.

Jon (Nicholas Hoult) took pity on the forlorn-looking kitten that he allowed it to devour his entire pizza and to subsequently take in the kitten as his roommate whilst naming it Garfield.

The film moves forward with action-packed scenes showing Garfield being snatched away from his pampered lifestyle. Although Garfield held a deep resentment for his alley-cat father Vic, his catnappers forced him to carry out a heist to help Vic get out of his present predicament.

Director Mark Dindal Only Had Chris Pratt in Mind as Voice Actor for Garfield

Director Mark Dindal, a famed animation film maker, has been working on the movie for years. Since its inception, Dindal already had Chris Pratt in mind as the actor who will give voice to his Garfield animation character. Jim Davis gave his hundred percent approval, rating Chris Pratt a 10 out of 10 choice as voice actor for Garfield.

Chris Pratt is no stranger to voicing animation characters, with the American actor having recently portrayed the famous Italian plumber Mario in the highly successful 2023 movie, The Super Mario Bros. Movie.