Tom Cruise’s MI7, Crossed Paths with “Barbie”, an Unlikely but Powerful Competitor

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Tom Cruise’s MI7, Crossed Paths with “Barbie”, an Unlikely but Powerful Competitor

Times have indeed changed because “Barbie” the “girl movie” and “Oppenheimer” the war film had beat at the tills, the seventh Mission Impossible installment. MI 7 – Dead Reckoning Part 1 had grossed only $15.5 million on opening day, which was an unprecedented outcome. The tables had turned in favor of “Barbie,” as the movie raked in $70.8 million on opening day alone. At the end of the second week, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” combined had already hit the one billion dollar mark.

Even if “Oppenheimer” took in only $10.5 million at the theaters on opening day, the movie was able to make the one billion dollar mark by the 2nd week.

Unexpectedly, Mission Impossible 7’s 2nd week Box Office showing was pegged at a total of $139.23 million, which barely reached the movie’s $290 million budget; to at least hit a break-even outcome.

Why Did Mission Impossible 7 – Dead Reckoning Didn’t Do Well?

Here’s the thing, first day moviegoers can make or break a movie’s first weekend performance. Those who plan to watch a movie during the weekend will read reviews and take word-of-mouth advice into consideration. Apparently, MI7 garnered very little support from the first week audience because the Tom Cruise film was not showing signs of picking up in the succeeding weeks, both locally and internationally.

Saving the World Again from a Powerful Al Enemy

Perhaps moviegoers have seen and watched more than enough of real world violence, pandemic outbreaks and train destructions. Seeing Ethan Hawk and his team do some impossible stunts to prevent bad things from happening, already has a fantasy-like appeal.

Barbie on the other hand is a fantasy film from the very start, in which Barbara had the chance to live her life in a creative imaginary world. At the end of the movie, she decided to return to her human form and human world. The plot alone sounds fun and appealing because many can relate to the storyline.