Is Disney’s “Mulan” Jinxed for Theater Showing?

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Is Disney’s “Mulan” Jinxed for Theater Showing?

While Disney’s Mulan suffered from lack of traditional theaters, many who have seen the livestreamed remake are glad their disappointment did not cost them much. Although Disney was able to get theater bookings in other countries like China and South Korea, it seems there is some kind of jinx attached to the movies as far as theater release is concerned.


Mulan Theater Release in China and South Korea Suffers from Calls for Boycott


In China, where Mulan was shown in theaters, the release only heightened the negative reviews about the Disney movie. Not only was the live action remake criticized for not delivering quality actions scenes, amusing dialogues and funny antics that fans have grown to love about Disney films.

Where Mulan’s Chinese audience outside of China cited general lack of authenticity on how China’s history was depicted, the cause of uproar against Disney in China went beyond technicalities.

Many of China’s pro-democracy activists were indignant over Disney’s expression of special appreciation to Xinjiang state’s government organizations. Mainly because they made it possible for Disney to partly shoot some scenes in the region.

However, Chinese moviegoers are indignant over Disney’s disregard for the human rights issues hurled against the Xinjiang provincial government. As China has imposed a ban on other forms of religion, the Xinjiang government prosecuted millions of Uighur Muslims; notwithstanding that the Ulghurs are natives of the Xinjiang region.


Actually, the calls for Mulan’s boycott in China is on top of an earlier call by South Korean citizens to spurn the movie, just a month ahead of the theater screening. Mulan actress, Liu Yifei, created social media controversy when she made it known through her comment that she supports the Hong Kong police. To any reader, her post means she agrees with the violent manner by which HK police cracked down on HK protesters.