Spider-Man: Far from Home – Literally a Breathtaking Movie; Both Thumbs Up!

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Spider-Man: Far from Home – Literally a Breathtaking Movie; Both Thumbs Up!

Spider-Man: Far from Home officially hit the silver screens for general viewing last July 02, 2019, and it appears not a single viewer went home disappointed. So far, everybody seems to agree that by far, it is the best Spider-Man movie ever. Its performance at the tills during the first week is proof enough that it is a superhero movie worth watching. Many are predicting it will outperform 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, and even the highest-grossing Spider-Man franchise, the 2007’s Spider-Man 3.

Never mind if the prediction does not come true. What is important for moviegoers, particularly those not really into superhero flicks, is that word-of-mouth about the movie being good, is for real. Here are some of the reasons why:

Lots of Breathtaking Action Scenes Made to Look so Convincingly Real

The action scenes are so intense that those viewing the movie in 3D, will almost have the urge to get up and go; lest they get caught up in all the mayhem and destruction. Well, that is actually the problem when superheroes and supervillains meet because the innocents and incidentals are the ones who get hurt. Oops, getting carried away,.. Nearly forgot, they were all special effects and CGI .

Lots of Humor and Amusing Scenes

The humor factor is one trait that fans love about Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) superhero entertainment. No need to get into details here, because it will only spoil the fun; but expect a lot from the supporting cast especially among those included in Peter Parker’s Europe field trip. Some nice surprises will definitely lighten and brighten up the mood, after going through Spider-Man’s brooding scenes over the death of Tony Stark.

Superb Acting Skills from Both Main and Supporting Actors

Spider-Man: Far from Home is Tom Holland’s fifth vehicle as MCU’s Spider-Man/Peter Parker, for which he has consistently demonstrated being the best actor to play the dual roles. Considering that he is already in his 20s, Holland can still get away with his projections of a high school youth, who experiences difficulty in combining moral and social obligations with the responsibilities of a superhero. Holland looks so natural and normal with his acting, he does not make grief and emotional struggles too agonizing to watch.

There is great chemistry between Holland and Zendaya, so it is okay for the movie to play up their romance a little bit. The nice thing about the romantic angle is that gives Zendaya better purpose for being in the movie. Her MJ is gutsy, not the usual “damsel-in-distress” who Spidey agonizes over, while locked in the heat of a battle with the more important super villains.

Jake Gyllenhaal,is definitely the right actor to play Mysterio as he looks every inch a superhero. He does justice to his Quentin Beck role by fooling not just S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Nick Fury; but also most of the audience who did not hear through the grapevine that Gyllenhall is set to play an anti-hero role. After all, it is part of Gyllenhaal’s acting prowess, combining intensity in his hero role-play with a pathetic underdog aura, leaving it to viewers to decide whether to side with him or not.

The movie ends leaving everyone satisfied but should be reminded not to get up from their seat just yet. There are must-see middle and end credits to watch, just so they know MCU has more plans in store.