Game of Thrones Final Characters Got What They Wished For, Except Daenerys

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Game of Thrones Final Characters Got What They Wished For, Except Daenerys

Game of Thrones (GoT) finally came to a conclusion, leaving fans with mixed reactions on whether they should be entertained or not with the outcome. Every remaining lead and supporting character ended up lucky, getting their heart’s desire in the aftermath of the King;s Landing siege. Except for Daenerys, whose character was bound to end as a Mad Queen.

Clarke’s Daenerys Character Got the Bad End of the Deal

Unfortunately for fans of Daenerys, their beloved Silver Queen experienced the worst kind of betrayal; at the hands of Jon, for whom she sacrificed 2 of her dragons, thousands of her Dothraki warriors and her ever faithful companion and protector, Ser Joras.

Most of all, Emilia Clarke’s character suffered betrayal at the hands of GoT writers.

Although the original storyline had her transforming from a fair and just ruler, into becoming a vengeful Mad Queen, not enough scenes transpired during the last few episodes to suggest just that. It’s as if writers presumed every GoT viewer knew that Daenerys was to become a Mad Queen, excusing them from the task of having to build up that aspect before sending her Mad Queen character out on a killing rampage.In fact at the very end, she appeared sane.

Dany. as Jon lovingly called his queen, carried on with grace; thanking the Unsullied and the Dothraki warriors for their bravery and loyalty. She even tried to convince Jon to see things her way. As it was, it appeared that she was manipulated into helping other characters get what they wanted.

How Characters Fared After Cersei’s Fall

Brandon Stark a.k.a. Bram the Broken

The Game of Thrones and all that happened was apparently orchestrated by Bram the Broken, or the 3-Eyed Raven persona who took over Bram’s being. When asked by Tyrion if he was willing to wear the crown by becoming the ruler of the Six Kingdoms, Bram replied, “Why do you think I came all this way?” Since the 3-Eyed Raven knew everything, past, present and future, it appeared he planned everything all along.

Later, Bram even told Jon that Jon, was “exactly where he was supposed to be.”

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion also landed a good deal, as Bram appointed him to be the King’s Right Hand. It has always been Tyrion’s frustration that his words and wisdom were ignored by the Lannister family, but not under Daenarys rule. Since Tyrion made it possible for Bram to become the King, Bram in return, made Tyrion the Right Hand of the King.

Jon Snow

Jon did not become king; but still got most of what he wanted. He was banished and sent to the Night Watch, yet this gave him a chance to live freely with the free folk. In a way, Jon had always wanted to live a life that was not complicated by the whims of rulers, while interacting with people willing to listen to reason.

Other Characters

Sansa, got her lifelong wish and became Queen of the North. Arya got to travel to wherever she wanted aboard her own ship. Bronn of the Blackwater became a wealthy man and was designated as Master of Coin. Sam Turley became Grandmaester despite his previous troubles with the Citadel. Sir Davos landed an important job as Master of Ships, which is the same with Ser Brienne who assumed post as Master of Guards.